[Deal][Freebies] win free Godrej Nupur Hair Colour

Just like P&G,now many other companies are coming up with their own freebie scheme to attract wider audiences.

One of those companies is godrej.

Godrej has come up with a freebie scheme where the user can win free godrej creme hair color

Steps for particitipating in the contest:

1. http://www.godrejnupur.com/request open this link and a website will be open in front of you.

2. Fill the form and fill the CAPTCHA at the end.


3. hit the SUBMIT button.

4. A thank you message will come which means that you get a chance yo win those freebies.


Although many people have recieved freebies in the past from companies like P&G under their rewardme scheme but there is no certainity of shipping and delivery time of these products,anyways The product is free  so there is no loss in giving it a try.

Have any words for this? Please "REPLY" here..

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